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The nutrition of the future inspired by gastronomy

EHL's Institute of Nutrition R&D embodies an innovative approach to addressing contemporary nutrition challenges. Our mission centres on developing nutritious, sustainable, and delicious food solutions. Leveraging EHL's gastronomy expertise and scientific research, our team collaborates with a scientific committee comprising leading companies, start-ups, top chefs, and specialized academic partners to identify priority research and development areas for nutritional products that seamlessly blend nutrition and flavor. The Institute of Nutrition R&D aims to revolutionize cooking, food processing, and preservation methods, bridging food research and culinary implementation by integrating gastronomy expertise with scientific research to craft innovative and good products.


What is nutrition?

Nutrition is the process by which living things receive the food necessary for them to grow and be healthy (Oxford Learner’s Dictionary 2024b).


What is gastronomy?

Gastronomy is the art and practice of cooking and eating good food (Oxford Learner’s Dictionary 2024a)


Our vision

Harness gastronomy to innovate in food science and technology.

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Our mission

Combine gastronomy expertise and science research to develop nutritious, sustainable, and tasty food.

About us

Dr. Inès Blal, Patrick Ogheard, and Cyrille Lecossois established the EHL Institute of Nutrition R&D in 2021. Upon its inception, Nestlé Research became its initial working partner. In the spirit of collaborative innovation, the EHL Group and Nestlé translated scientific discoveries into prototypes for Nestlé's research. 

Gastronomy is a focal point within the Institute of Nutrition R&D, initiating services provision projects for major companies and start-ups, from product development and especially prototyping to user testing. In this context, the institute started collaborating with the plant-based start-up Yumame. The institute assisted Yumame in developing a cutting-edge fermented plant-based product, leading to their receipt of the prestigious Gebert Rüf Stiftung fund "innobooster" in 2023 to optimize and accelerate the product.

Concurrently, the institute specializes in cooking methods and conservation research to fulfill its mission: "Combine gastronomy expertise and science research to develop nutritious, sustainable, and tasty food." Collaborating with Bruno Goussault, a pioneer in precise temperature and sous-vide cooking, has positioned the institute as a reference in these methods. In 2023, the Institute of Nutrition R&D organized its first event about cooking at precise temperatures, providing chefs and scientists with a better understanding of the possibilities and challenges in this field.

Since 2024, the institute has undergone a pivotal moment, deciding to intensify its focus on applied research while continuing service provision projects. This strategic shift results from years of specialization and expertise in nutrition, taste, and, more specifically, gastronomy.

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