“The kitchen of the future inspired by Nature”

The mission of the Institute of Nutrition R&D is to apply nature-inspired designs to tackle modern nutritional challenges.

The Institute draws on EHL’s know-how and network to integrate culinary expertise and science research to develop healthy, sustainable and tasty food.
The research team calls upon a scientific committee made of industry-leading companies, chefs and academic partners from diverse disciplines to identify priority topics for a future offerings of healthy and tasty food and beverages.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision
Learn from nature to develop new cooking, food transformation, conservation methods, and, ultimately new restaurant concepts that have a positive impact on nature and others

Our Mission
Integrate culinary expertise and science research to develop healthy, sustainable, and tasty food.


EHL and Nestlé Research Partnership

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL Group) and Nestlé are joining forces by combining their scientific and culinary expertise to accelerate innovation. In the spirit of open innovation, both parties enroll their creative talents in a joint program to translate scientific discoveries into prototypes and new recipes for Nestlé’s research or R&D Accelerator project.

Guided by EHL’s Chefs, in R&D workshops, EHL students will be exposed to Nestlé’s strong expertise in science and technology, helping them to create new recipes. The collaboration between EHL’s culinary expertise and Nestlé science will lead to the creation of new product concepts for specific consumer segments, following a rapid prototyping approach.

This collaboration builds on existing joint programs such as the well-established annual EHL-Nestlé Culinary Contest, where students compete to create the most appealing dishes – blending culinary art with the latest discoveries from food science and technology – and support for final-year student business projects, where students perform and assess research on unique areas of food and nutrition.

The Team


Dr Inès Blal

Dean Undergraduate School
Co-Director of the Institute of Nutrition R&D


Mr Patrick Ogheard

Dean EHL School of Practical Arts
Co-Director of the Institute of Nutrition R&D


Mr Cyrille Lecossois

Senior Lecturer – Practical Arts
Manager of the Institute of Nutrition R&D

Dr Adrien Demongeot

Research Associate
of the Institute of Nutrition R&D

Mr Antonin Soussan

Lecturer at EHL Hospitality Business School
& Project Manager of the Institute
of Nutrition R&D

In partnership with

Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley
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